Kulturprinsen is pleased to announce that Christian Have has joined the Kulturprinsens Board on 10.6.2022. We are extremely happy that Christian Have has accepted to be part of the Kulturprinsens board. Kulturprinsen is currently going through some political processes, where we need all the support and know-how that he possesses through his vast experience in the arts and cultural life. We have collaborated with Christian Have in several contexts over the past years and look forward to expanding this collaboration.

Christian Have is one of the most prominent voices in cultural life. A voice he uses as a debater, lecturer, moderator, author and not least as founder and owner of HAVE Kommunikation & PR - the company he founded in 1983 and which over three decades has grown to become Scandinavia's largest communications agency in the cultural field. Along the way, he has worked with a host of names - from emerging players to world stars - and published a wide range of books on culture and communication.

On joining the Kulturprinsens board, Christian Have says:

"I have been following Kulturprinsen and its important work for the development of Child and Youth Culture throughout the country for a number of years. In recent years, Kulturprinsen has undergone a positive and inspiring development as the leading knowledge centre in the field and has the opportunity to put Children and Youth Culture high on the national agenda in the coming years. It is a work I am happy to contribute to, and therefore it is a pleasure to join the Board at this time."