The Mors Culture Meeting can be followed digitally again this year due to the Corona situation.

Kulturprinsen raises the flag for children's encounter with arts and culture by presenting two online panel debates, where the necessity of this encounter is the focal point.

Friday 20/08 2021 10.30 - 11.30: New times and new opportunities for arts and culture in schools?

In the wake of Corona, special attention has been paid to children's well-being. Yet there are big differences in how children encounter arts and culture at school. In this debate, we ask how municipalities can qualify their visions for children's encounters with the arts and make it an active part of the municipal agenda? Do we need volunteers or municipal and national strategies? Can arts and culture help put new well-being on the agenda after the last year of closures?

The panel debate is presented in collaboration with Kulturprinsen and FOKUS - Forum for Arts and Culture in Schools.


Friday 20/08 2021 12.00 - 13.00: Art and culture in day care

There is a long tradition of using art and culture in day care, and experience shows that meeting art and culture has a positive impact on children, their well-being and their communities. In the project LegeKunst we investigate if and how art and culture promote children's play and education.

But art and culture are not designed to promote an educational purpose, and play and education are also free activities that are not guided by anything external. So why does it seem to work so well when arts and culture meet the youngest?