A children's culture project in the Region of Central Jutland


From January we are part of the new Region Midtjylland. It consists of 19 municipalities in total. We have already established a common network in the field of children's culture, and the idea now is, as agreed at the last network meeting, to try to get the network to cooperate in practice on a concrete project.


Idea and target group

All children aged 0-14 in the new region are invited to create a banner (size 50 x 150 cm) with the common theme: 'the best place for me'. The participants in the project are the region's children, of whom there are around 250,000, and their workplaces/places of work, i.e. nurseries, schools, after-school clubs, day-care centres, etc. The basic idea is for all the children involved to make their own special banner. The artistic institutions of each municipality will provide inspiration and ideas. In each of the region's 19 municipalities, the many colourful banners are assembled for a local presentation in week 38, for example at one or more of the municipality's cultural institutions. Then all the banners will be gathered for a huge outdoor installation on Friday 5 October 2007 at an as yet undisclosed location in or near Viborg.

The artist and architect Thomas Kruse is associated with the project as an inspiration. We are also inspired by the artist Christo, who has attracted worldwide attention with a large number of fantastic installations in nature or in urban spaces around the world.


New opportunities for cooperation  

This joint initiative will help to strengthen and extend the established formal cooperation between the region's institutions in practice, as well as to make the new community in the region more visible. At the same time, the project will raise the profile of children and children's culture throughout the new region. Children and institutions will be involved in a major artistic collaboration project, which could be the starting point for a recurrent joint artistic project every one or two years. The final event will next take place elsewhere in the region. The idea is to strengthen and develop the region's identity through high-quality artistic projects.


Organisation and Steering Committee

The idea has emerged from the network collaboration, and has been further developed by a multidisciplinary steering group broadly composed of people from the network as well as museums, libraries, art schools, etc. Find out more about the network at www. boernekulturmidtjylland.dk.

Kulturprinsen is the lead partner of the project.