HJERTESPEJL - 11 and 12 November 2012 in Musikhuset Aarhus / 600 children and young people's new interpretation of H.C. Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen / First part of traedesten.nu - the largest children's cultural initiative in the Central Region towards Aarhus 2017

A devil troll. A distorting mirror. A splinter in little Kai's eye. A heart of ice.

600 children and young people from music and cultural schools in the Central Region have come together for the theatre concert HJERTESPEJL - a modern interpretation of H.C. Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen.

Sunday 11 November 2012 at 15.30-17 in Musikhuset Aarhus.
Monday 12 November 2012, 13.30-15 (schools/SFOs only) and 16-17.30 (invited only).

HJERTESPEJL starts in "hell" in front of Musikhuset Aarhus, moves into "heaven" in the foyer of Musikhuset and unfolds in Musikhuset's Great Hall.

The cross-cultural project is the first stone in the largest children's cultural initiative in Region Midt leading up to Aarhus 2017, traedesten.nu, which aims to open the public's eyes to the quality of the region's children's and youth culture offerings in the many different arts, and to raise the potential of children and young people in large, professional co-productions locally, regionally, Nordic and globally.

Look forward to joining 600 children and young people on a journey of friendship, love and self-discovery in a performance filled with adventure music, powerful visual and musical experiences that go far beyond what you would normally expect in terms of size and quality.

Direction: Frans Winther
Musical direction: Christian Kraglund
Animation/Image Projection Management: TRIB
Assistant director: Jeppe Due
Production Coordinator: Torben Mikkelsen
Photo/video coordination: Sara Marie Stent
Costumes: Maria Bock
Graphic layout: Anne Dahl Knudsen and Marie Strøm
Project manager: Gunnild Bak de Ridder
Project Coordinator/Marketing Manager: Kasper Mechlenborg Olesen

Initiative and project management: Aarhus Music School and Kulturprinsen in Viborg
Artistically supported by: Odin Teatret, TRIB and Carte Blanche
Supported by: Aarhus Kommune and Region Midtjylland

The entire performance at the Musikhuset was filmed by ITV.

You can watch the film here (duration:59.39 min.)