In 2017 we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and on 1 March Viborg will be the only Danish city to be visited by the 'European Reformation Relay'. To mark the occasion, the Cathedral Square in Viborg will be transformed into a marketplace buzzing with life and activity. There will be tasks and experiences, small stalls and a cosy atmosphere. You will also find the 'Luther Roses and Oak Wishes' project, where children aged 3-9 are helping to decorate a 4 metre high oak gate set up by the Cathedral. The project involves children from kindergartens and primary schools in the municipality of Viborg making a rose or oak leaf in ceramic and embossing them with their own personal symbol. The project is based on the inspirational material, which contains pupils' texts with inspirational questions and exercises about symbols and their meaning. In addition, there is a manual for the artistic process with ceramic roses and leaves, as well as an instructional video. Download inspirational material here.

All leaves and roses will be handed in at the Cathedral Square on 1 March and placed on the oak gate. The gate will be both a landmark of the Reformation and a spectacular image of children's diverse and individual artistic creation.

You decide how extensive your programme should be, but we hope that many children from all over Viborg will contribute to the decoration of the gate - read more for registration here.

About the material and the purpose of the project:

The material is based on the subject of Christianity and is intended to encourage and respond to pupils' openness and curiosity about life. Throughout the course, pupils will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to talk about general questions of existence. Pupils will gain a basic understanding of the basic forms of Christianity and be able to recognise and describe symbols and explain their meaning. Through conversation, creative processes and discussion, students acquire knowledge of an important historical figure, Martin Luther, the Reformation, basic Christian concepts and the meaning of symbols. In particular, the following concepts are worked on: faith, doubt, forgiveness, mercy, love, hope, life and death.