a scientific cultural project


The project takes on the task of drawing new images and creating modern narratives about the Nordic starry sky. The creators are children from six schools in the Nordic countries (two each in Denmark, Sweden and Iceland), who draw the new zodiac signs on the basis of meetings with researchers from planetariums and with the support of professional artists in the schools. The zodiac signs are then exchanged between the participating schools across nationalities. The aim of the project is to use creative processes to increase schoolchildren's interest in both science and Nordic cultural history. By bringing together scientific research with art and school, we discover new learning processes in the classroom environment and give researchers and professional artists new perspectives in their respective fields of work. By linking these three often separate worlds in a common project, we achieve unexpected encounters, unexpected ways of working, new knowledge and an outcome in which the children stand as senders, idea bearers and artistic owners.



May 2012 - February 2013.

Closing meeting from 18-21 January at KP

Presentation of the results together artists in schools planned in May