Ringe i Vandet (RiV) is a competence development project that aims to support the primary school's objectives of familiarity with culture, versatile development, development of cognition and imagination, involvement and participation.

The aim is to create a link between learning objectives-led teaching and arts and cultural activities. RiV offers to unfold the potential of the open school with the pupils and teachers/educators of each school as key actors.

RiV offers five actions:

- training of cultural education supervisors (KFV) at diploma level at UCN. A KFV is a teacher or educator affiliated with the school's Pedagogical Learning Centre (PLC). The KFV becomes a catalyst in qualifying and developing professional learning communities around artistic experiences, cultural mediation and aesthetic learning processes.

- a partnership arrangement (PO) that supports schools' concrete learning-objective-oriented use of arts and culture in the open school. Partnership arrangements are established with FOKUS competence centres and local cultural intermediaries.

- the KulturCrew concept (KC) establishes methods for practical involvement of students in concrete arts and cultural and open school activities, working in everyday life on student well-being and motivation.

- development of practices for anchoring and qualifying the open school in school PLCs. An interaction between KFV education, PO and KC. Development and integration into the daily lives of all teachers and educators is approached as action learning. Included as a practice component in the CPD programme.

- knowledge sharing in networks and documentation of effects between all parties, both locally in each municipality's strategies and nationally.