SmåK is a development project that aims to:

  • - all children encounter art and culture as part of their everyday lives
  • - to provide educational staff with tools to work with and implement art and cultural expressions in everyday life as a way of learning, i.e. through aesthetic awareness and aesthetic learning processes
  • - to raise awareness that the aesthetic dimension and cultural expressions and values can be included in all pedagogical curriculum themes.


Project content

Arts and culture programmes are developed based on the curriculum themes for 0-6 years, which can be distributed through KLC. This will ensure an even distribution within the age groups and day care areas.

There are four different art courses:

  • - music/movement
  • - narrative/drama
  • - visual arts
  • - digital media


The goal is:

  • - a well-tested and established model of cooperation between educators and artists on an equal footing
  • - that the pedagogical staff have been given tools to implement experiences and to work as process facilitators in art programmes with the children, through the action learning method
  • 'light in the eyes' of children and adults.