Snapsting for Kids is a whole week in June filled with music, activities and workshops based on children's play, games and mutual learning.

Since 2014, Snapsting for Children has become a regular tradition for many schools, daycare facilities and families as Viborg's children's cultural festival. Countless cultural institutions, associations, organisations, artists, volunteers and many others, whose heart beats for children's culture, support the initiative of Viborg Municipality to put children's culture high on the agenda.

Snapsting for Children was created to give all children the opportunity to encounter art and culture in a way where they themselves must be active participants. The experiences at Snapsting leave their mark because the children themselves have been co-creators and engaged in the process.

Children's exposure to arts and culture is an important raw material for their play, well-being, education and ability to engage in diverse and new communities. The broad culture of children also creates positive experiences, engagement, and interest that foster motivation, attention, and persistence - all of which, through Snapsting for Children, help promote children's well-being, education, and learning.

Every year, about 10,000 children have found their way to Borgvold under Snapsting for Children.



Kulturprinsen on Snapsting
In 2019, Kulturprinsen had several projects at Borgvold. Among other things, you could be part of the project Songs for the World and take part in dance, music and animation workshops based on the songs from Songs for the World, a regional project focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about Songs for the World  here.

In addition, we were also ready with FNUK in the Wind, where children could make wind drawing machines, wind installations and wind musical instruments. FNUK in the Wind is a project combining Philosophy, Science and Performing Arts.

Kulturprinsen also offered a music workshop with the youngest on Snubble Day.

See you again in 2020?
Snapsting is back this week 26

This year, Snapsting for Children starts on Sunday 23 June with Snapsting for Children's Big "Family Day" and celebration of St. Hans with bonfire, children's activities and a children's concert.

Monday to Wednesday in week 26 from 9.00 to 14.00 Borgvold is buzzing with playing and learning children. Each morning begins with a communal morning sing. Then there are workshops for schools (0-6th grade) and kindergartens around the park, and a whole area of activities open to everyone.

On Thursday morning, from 9.00 to 12.00, the focus will be on 0-3 year olds on "Stumbling Day". Private individuals, daycare providers and daycare centres are all welcome.