Spil Dansk Dagen has become the biggest music event of the year, and Viborg is also hosting a number of music events - here for children and young people.

This year, Viborg is the municipality of Play Danish, and in line with the new children's culture strategy, Viborg Municipality has prioritised that children and young people should benefit from the events. The Music Committee, under the new Children's Culture Strategy, is the local coordinator of the Spil Dansk package, and is pleased to be able to offer high quality music events to children and young people of different ages.

The Music Committee is an independent interdisciplinary working group with participation from the music community,
Viborg Music School, primary schools, clubs and day care facilities, and the library. The committee is anchored in Kulturprinsen.

Play Danish Day is organised for the 14th time, and last year the day again set a record with 1352 entries in the calendar. Almost every Dane has the opportunity to take part in an event just around the corner, as music is playing all over the country. At the same time, Danish music can be heard on both DR's channels and a wide range of radio stations.

Play Danish Day has grown so rapidly that Danish is now played throughout week 44, so everyone can get their events in.

Read more about Play Danish Day at www.spildansk.dk

Play Danish in Viborg - program:

Witches Emaralda

Wednesday 29 October 2014 at Paletten.

The concert is for invited children from Teglgården Kindergarten, Spurvehuset Kindergarten, Sct. Mogensgade and Ellekonebakken Kindergarten.

Read more here (PDF)

Female role models with Signe Bisgaard

Wednesday 5 November at Viborg Katedralskole

Not yet programmed:
Koda School Contact event with 6th grade at Søndre Skole
'Sound field' workshop Hans Sydow and Rasmus Zwicki with students at Løgstrup school
'You put words to music' music debate with and for young people, organised by Kulturjægerne