Waterfall Ballads continues the cooperation from Heart mirror, now in combination with music and cultural schools in close cooperation with local sports and swimming clubs. The finished show/performance is put together from 6 locally produced scenes where processes are worked on locally with children and young people as co-creators. These scenes are combined with the result of the collaboration with a permanent troupe of 20 young people at MGK level from several parts of the world. These products are integrated as scenes/images into the performance itself, and thus the performances will be very different from city to city in the region.

Waterfall Ballads is a total performance that combines sport and culture - a story about our relationship with water.

"A boy and a girl are stargazing on the beach. They tell each other ancient mythical tales of the life-giving, the deadly dangerous and the alluring water. And the words bring the stories to life...."


Across the region, cultural and music schools have been busy this autumn creating stages for a fantastic all-round performance. Together with brand new collaborators like swimmers and divers from local swimming clubs, they are trying out completely new and different ways of working at the intersection of sport and art, aesthetic expression and physical performance.


Waterfall Ballads is a professional cultural project where children and young people meet with professional artists and framers to practice what they do best. I Waterfall Ballads a squad of talented young people from elite teams in swimming, ballet, African dance, Mongolian throat singing and e-music will meet other children and young people from six music and cultural schools, each of which has entered into various locally-based collaborations with a circus school, visual arts schools, swimming clubs, young frogmen, concert choirs and others. Together they create an unforgettable story of 12 myths from Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. All the myths have something to do with water and heaven, but also tell us something about ourselves and what we are made of. The swimmers show us how the sirens move in the water. The dancers show us the gods and heroes fighting in the sand. The musicians play the sounds of the primordial sea, Armageddon and the star burning out. Local children make the water rise, the earth tremble and fill the room with shooting stars.


'Waterfall Ballads are developed individually by the music and cultural schools in six cities in Region Midtjylland: Skive, Lemvig, Aarhus, Skanderborg, Silkeborg and Horsens and can be experienced in swimming pools in their local area.


Tour schedule:

9-10 January 2014: Aarhus Music School - Søndervangskolens swimming pool, Viby J

Info: Aarhus Music School. Gunnild Bak de Ridder, tel. 21379481/89409921, gbs@aarhus.dk


13-14 January 2014: music school Horsens - swimming pool in Brædstrup

Info: Musikskolen Horsens: Peter Jezn, tel. 40755759, info@elektrorum.com


16-17 January 2014: the Creative School, Silkeborg - Them swimming pool

Info: Flemming Giese, tel. 26223071, eseig@me.com


20-21 January 2014: Lemvig Music School - Nr. Nissum swimming pool

Info: Jens Dammeyer Sørensen, tel. 96631381/24940382, jens.dammeyer.sorensen@lemvig.dk


23-24 January: Skanderborg Culture School - Skanderborg Swimming Pool

Info: Preben Kæseler, tel. 87942840, preben.kaeseler@skanderborg.dk


26-27 January: Skive Music School - Durup Swimming Pool

Info: Peter Bæk, tel. 99157272/22111199, pete@skivekommune.dk




Children and young people from:
Aarhus Music School; Aarhus1900 Swimming; Aarhus Image and Media School; Søndervangsskolen, Viby
Horsens Music School; Academy of Modern Ballet; Horsens Swimming Club; Brædstrup School; Brædstrup Swimming Club; Brædstrup Picture School
The Creative School, Silkeborg; Them swimming club
Lemvig Music School; Balder Children's Theatre; Lemvig Dance Association, Rock n'roll group; Lemvig Swimming Club
Skanderborg Culture School; TeaterSeOS/Skanderborg Activity Centre; Skanderborg Swimming Pool; NOW Dive; Morten Børup Concert Choir
Skive Music School; Skive Diving Club; Durup if Swimming Club/Durup waterstunts; Cirkusfabrikken Nordsalling



MGK Østjylland; Viborg Swimming Club; Mongolian House, Ferring; Centre Culturel Koombi, Burkina Faso
Direction: Odin Teateret - Technique: Rock Lyd, Herning



Viborg Swimming Club; Gaia Museum Randers; Viborg School of Visual Arts; Odin Theatre; Aarhus Global Media; Sacred dust productions; VIAUC/Teko Aarhus


Project organisation:

Kulturprinsen - Development Centre for Children and Youth Culture, Viborg and Aarhus Music School


Waterfall Ballads, which is part of the Trædesten project, is supported by Region Midtjylland and Aarhus2017


For information on Waterfall Ballads and Stepping Stones:

Aarhus Music School: Gunnild Bak de Ridder, development consultant, gbs@aarhus.dk, 21 37 94 81

Kulturprinsen: Claus Reiche, Project Manager, cr@kulturprinsen.dk, tel. 51 80 26 23


Follow us on facebook: www.facebook.com/Vandfaldballader

See the many press clips from the performance here