Be in the front row when Kulturprinsen presents two talks on Friday 21 August. Kulturprinsen is a partner of the Culture 2020 Summit, which this year takes place in a digital format. Here we put children's culture at the top of the agenda! This year, all talks at the Culture Summit will be streamed online on Crowdcast, so you can sign up and invite others to join in.

ART AND CULTURE ON DAY OFFER - Friday 21 August at 10-11

Children are the fuel on which we will live in the future. They need to be equipped with creative skills, critical thinking and courage. But how do we ensure a day full of colour and stories for the youngest? The panel will discuss how arts and culture can enhance the quality of day care and promote children's well-being, play, development and education. The conversation is presented by Kulturprinsen in the context of the project LegeKunst.

Host: Christian Garden
Participants: Lars Geer Hammershøj, ass. Professor, DPU and Research Coordinator, LegeKunst / Andreas Rasch Christensen, Research Manager, VIA / Pia Skogberg, Artist, LegeKunst / Merete Villsen, Head of Day Care, Ikast-Brande Municipality

Watch or re-watch the recording from "Art and Culture in Daycare" - click here

CHILDREN'S MEETING WITH ART - Friday 21 August at 11 - 12

Experience shows that art adds great value to children's school life and can support children's education and life skills. Yet, the arts and aesthetic subjects in schools and teacher training are seriously under-prioritised. The question is, why? And what needs to be done to ensure children's right to encounter art in everyday life?

The panel debate is presented in collaboration with Kulturprinsen and FOKUS - Forum for Arts and Culture in Schools.

Host: Clement Kjersgaard
Participants: Stefan Hermann, Rector, Copenhagen University of Applied Sciences / Dorte Andreas, Vice President, School Managers' Association / Tina Tarpgaard, Choreographer and Head of Committee, House Artists' Committee, Danish Arts Foundation

Watch or rewatch the recording of "Children's encounter with art" - click here