About Kulturprinsen

Kulturprinsen is a development centre for child and youth culture, which creates projects, builds interdisciplinary partnerships, networks and communities in Denmark and abroad.

Based on UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Kulturprinsen works to ensure the right of all children to encounter art and culture in their everyday lives. Kulturprinsen aims to strengthen courage, imagination, life skills, sustainable education, action and cultural identity in children and young people through arts and culture - to inspire and equip children and young people to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Kulturprinsen is locally based in Viborg and functions as a national development centre with a global outlook - the only one of its kind in Denmark.

Kulturprinsen's main partners are day-care centres and schools, professional cultural operators, artists, arts and cultural operators, and research and education institutions.

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How does Kulturprinsen work?


Kulturprinsen works with curiosity, immersion and reflection as pathways to new habits and change.

Kulturprinsen works with aesthetic learning processes and involves children, young people and adults in both process and product.


Kulturprinsen builds networks and communities between institutions, administrations, politicians, associations and businesses to ensure the power of action achieved through engagement and co-creation.

Kulturprinsen disseminates projects, processes, methods, models and knowledge to selected target groups.


Kulturprinsen creates inter-professional collaborations between artists and cultural mediators, as well as teachers and educators, and anchors in children, young people and adults a desire to act that is developed through art, culture, play and experimentation.

What can Kulturprinsen do for you?

  • Sparring partner for more creativity in everyday life with children and young people in your school or institution
  • Sparring partner in arts, culture and sustainability in children and youth projects
  • Project and idea development
  • Artists' bank: facilitating contact with artists and cultural operators
  • Generation, development and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of children's culture
  • Research publications and professional inspiration can be viewed and downloaded for free
  • Building networks and collaborative relationships with sustainable roots in cultural, artistic and educational institutions as well as research institutions
  • Speakers for children and youth culture

Networks & Collaborators

Artists' bank


Bylaws & Guidelines

Board of Directors

Kulturprinsen is an independent institution with a board of seven members. The centre receives an annual operating grant from Viborg Municipality and the state.
In addition, Kulturprinsens projects are funded by foundations, pools and other grant schemes.