Registration is now open for the Snapsting for Children programme in week 25!

Overview of activities and registration at

Activities are clearly divided into age groups and not all activities take place every day. So make sure you read the descriptions carefully and pay attention to the dates, times and target group of the activity.

When you are ready to register, you can do so via a registration form on the website. You fill it in online and send it in - and be careful not to go backwards to check information, it does NOT save what you have entered if you leave the page.

The registration form is a wish list! The deadline for registration is 3 May, and when it's over, go through ALL the registrations and distribute the activities so that everyone gets something. Your priorities will of course be taken into account and everyone will be allocated a workshop/activity - but there is no promise that everyone will get EVERYTHING they have asked for.

You will be contacted in mid-May, when the various activities and workshops will be distributed among all registrants.

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See much more Snapsting for Kids on their YouTube channel!