Kulturprinsens newsletters 2021

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See the Cultural Prince's Centre Manager in KulturHave

Kulturprinsen offers welcome to Marie Grønbæk Bjerregaard

(Re)view presentations and debates from the LegeKunst Conference 2021

Now established Institute for Cultural Analysis

Postyrium rolls out across the country

Course: play, aesthetics and education in day care

Find inspiration for philosophical dialogues with children on the SDGs

... and much more!

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Read more about Children's Culture Relay, our new spotlight on children and youth culture.

BUM Conference on 11 October 2021:
When art meets learning - on interdisciplinary collaboration in schools

We offer welcome back to Anne-Sophie Rose.

Read about our participation at The 2021 Culture Summit

Culture trail is kicked off!

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Kulturprinsen goes live at Kulturmødet Watch our panel debates here

Friday 20/08 2021 at 10.30 - 11.30:
New times and new opportunities for arts and culture in schools?

Friday 20/08 2021 at 12.00 - 13.00:  Arts and culture in day care

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Mark your calendar:
Kulturprinsen LIVE at Kulturmødet 20 August 2021
The Great Stag Guild at the Flyfabrikken, on 22 August 2021

DKK 2.25 million for children's culture in Viborg and Skive 

Meet Minni - new project coordinator at Kulturprinsen

Pleasant memories from a flying start to our Artists' Laboratory

New LegeKunst podcast:
Invisible threads - between artistic and art pedagogical processes in LegeKunst

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Open Call for Artists in North Jutland

New communications officer: Mille Boje Carlsen

URO - The art of balance

Climate chronicle: we must sacrifice some of our need for satisfaction by Lone Belling, Chair of the Kulturprinsens Board

Sneak peek at upcoming artists' laboratory

Be inspired by Per Fibæk Laursen's post What is education?

New initiative: Together for School

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Mark your calendar:
BUM conference 11 October 2021
LegeKunst conference 18 November 2021

Climate Chronicle: Education for the Future
By Lone Belling, Chair of the Kulturprinsens Board

More research in art and social communities

Millions on the way to music and cultural schools

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PlayArt podcast: Join us for maybe-coffee!

New project manager in LegeKunst:  Camilla Høg

Kulturprinsen seeks new communications officer

Art & Culture in balance

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Why you should remember to play

Revisit the atmosphere of the LegeKunst-Days

Podcast: How can we become more empathetic towards each other and nature?

Idea seminar on artist lift in the Central and Northern Region

KL Summit 2021:
More coherent action in the field of children and young people

New a magnificent work on 75 years of children's culture in Denmark

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Welcome to new project manager in LegeKunst Camilla Høg

Kulturprinsens chronicle in LEDELSE I MORGEN - journal for educational management: How to have a successful, equal and interprofessional collaboration between different professions?

Global Roots - when art and culture put global roots in children's school life: Kulturprinsens new EU project

Art across - mutual competence building through guidance and facilitation: new project in the Central Region

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