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Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality
Syddjurs municipality
Horsens municipality
Holstebro municipality
Viborg municipality


SFO and club - primary and intermediate


Project Coordinator
Sofie Reimer-Walsted
Tel: (+45) 52191423


May 2022 - December 2022


The project is supported by Region Midt

FUTURAMA: sustainable childhood cities of the future

What does the future really look like? And more importantly - what do we dream it could look like?

FUTURAMA is a children's cultural development project in Region Midtjylland. The project creates an exploratory and reflective space for children's imaginations and dreams of future sustainable cities and communities through artistic, sensory-aesthetic and architectural experiments.

FUTURAMA has a dual purpose:

- Second, to foster children's education, imagination and innovative spirit through experimental encounters with professionally facilitated art;

- To motivate children to process and communicate ideas and experiments through co-creative design processes with professional architects;

FUTURAMA's focus is to create artistic, sensory-aesthetic and architectural experiments with the theme of SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. The aim is to give children the opportunity to challenge habits, see the world with new eyes, reflect on and imagine what has not yet been created. The project is specifically aimed at SFOs and clubs in the Central Region.

FUTURAMA works with 5 artist duos, each consisting of one with an architectural/building design background and one artist who may have a different professional background (e.g. visual artist, musician, performance artist, actor or other).

In collaboration with the participating SFO and club staff, the artist duos create focus programmes in the SFO/club, where children and adults together engage in artistic experiments based on the children's ideas about the future.

The focus courses are complemented by a FUTURAMA laboratory and a themed conference on art and architecture in the SFO and club environment, where artist duos and SFO and club staff will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and inspire each other across disciplines.

FUTURAMA is a collaboration between Kulturprinsen, BUM - Network for Child and Youth Culture in the Central Jutland Region, Svalegangen/United Change, Det Store Ståhejgilde, Rumgehør and five Central Jutland municipalities: Ringkøbing-Skjern, Syddjurs, Horsens, Holstebro and Viborg.