Students in 5th-6th grade are invited to participate in the innovation project Ducklings, which uses 3D programs to combine visual arts with mathematics and design. 'Ducklings' runs parallel to the art exhibition "Duck Residence", which takes place at/on the Viborg lakes. The theme of the project is Residens, which means residence or dwelling. The children will design and build 'Duck Residences' to be launched.

We start by talking about and exploring what it means to belong? What it means to have a home? How do they live themselves? Have they experienced moving - what makes people move?

Based on the theme of Residens, children are introduced to relevant 3D applications where they will construct a milk carton using mathematics as a building block. Their creations will be placed in a virtual landscape where it will be possible to pan across the constructions. This gives the children an idea of what it will look like in real life. Along the way, children will test how milk cartons work as building blocks, giving them the opportunity to see how their 3D models work in practice and then revise the 3D models.

They learn about the design process by making their own proposals for homes and then building them. Children try out construction, modelling and rendering of everyday objects, among other things, which they can work on further. Milk cartons have similarities to bricks and blocks in Minecraft, the game that all children know.

The project will be completed for Snapsting for Children in week 25, when the children will build the final models, which will be launched as an addendum to the "Duck Residence" exhibition. The project is developed and executed in collaboration with installation artist Pia Pedersen.

The process contains:

    • Teacher training course of 3 hours with introduction to the 3D programs and the process
    • 12 hours of in-school training introducing students to 3D software and building prototypes at home - weeks 22-24
    • A day at Snapsting for Children from 9-14, where we build the models - week 25
    • Launching the models with the parents
    • You participate for free, but are encouraged to purchase one or more 3D mice

Registration: by 30.4.

Information and contact:

Karoline Rasmussen, Project Coordinator: - mobile number: 51924061