The Idea Trunk

An idea suitcase is a suitcase filled with exciting things to help creativity along. The suitcases are designed to bring art and creative ideas to life for 0-6 year olds. The project is called Idea Suitcases because Susanne Ahrenkiel's experience is that one idea often leads to another. The activities can easily take place over a couple of days, with the children collecting materials one day and carrying out the activity the next.


How did the suitcases come about?

How can we make it easier for daycare workers to work with visual arts in their everyday lives? In the autumn of 2016, "Små Børn og Kunst", a development group under the Cultural Learning Centre Viborg, set out to find a solution. Susanne Ahrenkiel, who is an artist, and Lis Wuisman Jørgensen, who is the head of the art school in Viborg, have developed 10 inspiration boxes with art activities for children aged 0-6 in collaboration with KLC Viborg and Kulturprinsen - five for children aged 0-3 and five for children aged 3-6.

Each suitcase has its own theme with three activities. The activities originate from the Thousand Legs project in 2014 and can be done by daycare workers and educators in their everyday life with the children. Preferably with a focus on and space for each child's creativity. Read more about the Centipede here and see the inspiration booklet.