The series consists of a number of thematic issues describing and analysing ongoing activities and projects at Kulturprinsen. Issues 3-6 are all part of the description of a larger development project: Children, Art and Interactivity. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture.
The intention is to present experience and knowledge in such a way that it can inspire ongoing discussions among those interested in children's culture. The series can also be used in other places where people work with children, art and culture in practice.

No.1 From CultureSeed to CulturePrince
The development of children's culture and children's cultural policy in Viborg County and Viborg Municipality is described. Experiences from specific projects are presented. The visions for the establishment of Kulturprinsen are presented together with the experience gained and the strategies for further development.

Download From Cultural Seed to Cultural Prince (pdf)
No. 2 Cultural workshop. A day in my life.
The cultural workshop will develop new forms of communication that can accommodate children as culturally competent actors in their own lives. Through encounters with professional artists, children will have the opportunity to formulate their own artistic expressions and test them in a larger context. The cultural workshop will stimulate children's innovative and creative abilities and provide them with new approaches to problem solving in school and elsewhere.
Download Cultural workshop. A day in my life (pdf)

No. 3 Words without a horse. Aesthetic processes in a travelling fabulatorium.
Fabulatoriet is a meeting between 10 groups of children, a writer and a musician. The book describes the interaction between the children's own text production and the performance of the texts. It includes examples of the children's own texts, the reflections of the surrounding adults and a DVD 'I am a walking stick'. It is a poetic film about the aesthetic processes.
No. 4 'It's not their film - it's mine'
The multimedia workshop offers new aesthetic challenges when children and young people have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with professional artists and media professionals in the field. The analysis also looks closely at the pupils' interaction with the media and how they interact with each other.
No. 5 When the museum crosses the theatre
What happens when museums and theatres work together to develop new forms of communication for children? The experiment has provided important lessons that can be built on in new exhibitions. The aim is to develop exhibition formats and languages that can communicate with children. The project is about interactivity. The children themselves must be active, so that all senses and curiosity are appealed to.
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No 6 Children's theatre in interaction
The interactive dramaturgy is explored by three theatres. They are Teatret Carte Blanche, Limfjordsteatret and Thy Theatre. In order to create a common starting point for the performances, a manifesto is created. The issue contains both theoretical considerations and more practical instructions. And what do the children themselves say about the interactive form? Is it more exciting?
Download Children's theatre in interaction (pdf)
No. 7 When Children's Culture events
Lessons learnt from two major cultural events in the Central Denmark Region. From Sea to Sea 'The best place for me' and From Sea to Sea 'Street Surprise'
Projects carried out in co-operation with the municipalities in the Central Denmark Region, which put children's culture on the region's agenda. The aim was also to develop a new network that can be used for future co-operation on children's culture.
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