BUM - Network for Child and Youth Culture in the Central Jutland Region
Project Manager Maria Bach Boserup
Tel. 27 60 14 15
BUM - Network for Children and Youth Culture in the Central Jutland Region
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The project was concluded with the BUM Conference 2020 in Randers. Watch the recording from the conference with contributions from Mogens Lykketoft, Signe Wenneberg and Poul Erik Christoffersen from UNESCO

When art, nature and education come together in a sustainable way

How do we create a shared environment that motivates reflection, contemplation and engagement with the reality we live in? How do we help each other to develop skills and insights that help us to understand and engage critically and wonderingly with the developments we are all experiencing?

It is in the midst of this complexity that the regional project NORDLYS has its origins. NORDLYS unites schoolchildren, teachers, artists and nature guides in a community based on seeing, experiencing and imagining the world in new ways together. We live in a world that is constantly changing and becoming more complex for all of us. The democratic world community is challenged by increasing inequality, conflict and global pandemics. And our eco-system and climate are now so threatened that it could have serious consequences for life on earth. How do we create the best possible conditions to navigate and act in these changing times?

NORDLYS is based on the potential that unfolds in children's encounters with art. Years of experience and a growing body of research show that art and culture can help foster children's curiosity, imagination and education - and at the same time create an environment that fosters community, strengthens the courage to live and helps us better understand and relate to our common world.

The project is based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a common global and professional starting point for action. Therefore, the main objective of the project has been to explore the meeting between different disciplines in art, nature and school, and how this interdisciplinarity can contribute to an increased awareness of sustainable development. 11 schools in the Central Denmark region have thus collaborated with professional artists and nature guides to create practical courses for pupils from 4th-10th grade.

Through this new, joint children's culture project, BUM - Network for Children's and Youth Culture in Region Midtjylland, in collaboration with Kulturprinsen, builds on and further develops the successful collaborations already created through the previous regional projects Wishland (2017) and Songs for the World (2019). Nordlys thus strengthens many existing networks and provides new experiences of community across the region.