Kulturprinsen (Project Manager)
Creative School: Kezdő oldal - Kreatív Iskola


Project Coordinator
Sofie Reimer-Walsted
Tel: (+45) 52191423


December 2021 - August 2022

Talent Tales For Inclusion is an EU-funded strategic partnership project under the schools track of the Erasmus+ programme

Art, creativity and inclusion

Art and creativity are two very special seeds for creating inclusive learning environments.

But how do we ensure inclusive learning environments that can accommodate the creative expression of all children - whatever their talents and challenges? And what can arts and culture contribute in this context?

These are two questions that the Talent Tales for Inclusion project has set out to explore.

Talent Tales for Inclusion is a small-scale strategic partnership project under the schools track of the Erasmus+ programme. The project is in collaboration with the Hungarian school Kreativ Iskola, which works on how aesthetic processes can help create inclusive learning environments for students with autism and other special needs.

Together with Kreativ Iskola, Talent Tales for Inclusion delves into how art and creativity can actively contribute to special education. The aim of the project is to develop concrete tools and inspiration for how teachers, artists and other professionals from the special needs field can use artistic and aesthetic processes in their work with children with special needs.

You can access our tools and find inspiration at: