Kulturprinsens scripture series

The series consists of a number of thematic chapters describing and analysing ongoing activities and projects at Kulturprinsen. Writings 3-6 are all part of the description of a larger development project: Children, Art and Interactivity. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture.
The intention is to present experiences and knowledge in a way that can inspire ongoing discussions among those interested in children's culture. The series can also be used in other places where children, art and culture are practised.

Playroom and Story Time

About Playroom and Storytime

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Kulturprinsens publication series #1 - 2004

"From cultural frog to cultural prince"

From Culture Seed to Culture Prince #1 - 2004 is part of the Kulturprinsens series

The development of children's culture and children's culture policy in Viborg County and Viborg Municipality is described. Experiences from concrete projects are presented. The visions for the establishment of Kulturprinsen are presented together with the experiences gained and the strategies for further development.

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Kulturprinsens publication series #2 - 2004

Cultural workshop - a day in my life

Cultural workshop - A day in my life #2 - 2004 is part of the Kulturprinsens series

The cultural workshop will develop new forms of dissemination that can accommodate children as culturally competent actors in their own lives. Through encounters with professional artists, children will have the opportunity to formulate their own artistic expressions and test them in a wider context. The cultural workshop will stimulate children's innovative and creative abilities, and give them new approaches to tasks in school and elsewhere.

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