Kulturprinsen is preparing a new, nationwide project, Lege-kunst, where we will work with play, art, education and the new pedagogical curricula for daycare.

This week we had an inspirational meeting with Thomas Späth from Sangens Hus in Herning. In recent years, Sangens Hus has launched the largest ever effort for singing in the daycare sector with the nationwide project Sangglad.

Sangglad is for daycare centres that want to give song a central place in the children's daily lives and need professional support to develop and anchor a singing profile.

The Sangglad project will establish 100 certified Sangglad day institutions across the country by 2020, with support from the Nordea Foundation. A Sangglad daycare is an institution where the staff can do something special with singing and where singing is an integral part of everyday life.

Sangglad has been developed by Sangens Hus in collaboration with conservatory-trained music teachers and educators with many years of experience working with children and singing.

Watch this delightful film that will make anyone sing along:

Read more about Sangglad here.