It's time to award the Children's Cultural Hero of the Year!

If you know someone who has made a special contribution to children's and youth culture in Viborg, you can nominate the person, association or initiative for the Nordea Foundation's "Good Life - Viborg Children's Culture Award 2016".

Send your bid with a reason why this particular candidate deserves to be nominated by 31.10 to Kulturprinsen - Everyone is welcome to participate when the prize of 10,000 kroner is awarded at an awards ceremony on Thursday 10 November at 15.30-17 at Café Brændpunktet in Viborg.


Excerpt from the article :

"The best teachers are not always those who are the best musicians, but those who have a willingness and ability to communicate and pass on an energy to the children that you can't train for." That's 20-year-old Andreas Horsfeldt Jensen's take on one of the things that describe a firebrand.

Andreas Horsfeldt Jensen and other young people from the association MusikCamp have been behind the initiative Music Camp in Løgstrup for the past five years, which is a two-day summer camp for 40-50 children in 4th-7th grade who have no experience of playing music. The concept has since spread to Hurup Thy, and this year the first music camp was held in Viborg during the summer holidays.


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and also read the article about the three nominees: 'Three compete for children's culture prize - here are the candidates'

The three nominees are:
1. Viborg Trial Klub v. Ole Kristensen
2. Coding Pirates, Viborg v. fmd. Bjarke Annesen
3. Diana Dalmose, Marc Bray, Jesper T.L. Nielsen & Lene Mortensen (Luni Smil)


The winner of the Nordea Foundation's "Good Life - Viborg Children's Culture Award 2016" is Coding Pirates, Viborg v. fmd. Bjarke Annesen.

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