Family Day and European Playground at Borgvold on Sunday 18 June


"Oh look - a fire engine! A tractor? And ho? What's that singing?" Such joyful children's exclamations will once again echo through Borgvold in Viborg on Sunday 18 June, when the old - otherwise quiet - park is once again transformed into Snapstingets Family Day.


Monday to Thursday in week 25 is Snapsting for Children at Borgvold in Viborg, and it all kicks off with a kind of "preview" on Sunday 18 June, when Family Day is held. Here, parents and grandparents (and anyone else interested) will have the opportunity to experience the Borgvold full of tents, music, games and fun that their children will be visiting during institution hours the following week.

However, the programme on Sunday is tailored to families with children, so there is more emphasis on play and entertainment, and a little less emphasis on long workshops with immersion. For example, you can take a donkey cart ride with Cenia the donkey. Get made up nicely and make fun badges. Say hello to Luni the caring clown and try riding in Asmild Agricultural School's big, beautiful tractor, or spray with the real water hoses with the firemen from Viborg Fire Brigade. Or you can take part in combat training with Østerskovens Efterskole.

Some of the content elements that are repeated Monday to Thursday during the institution's hours are, for example, the Viborg Libraries' tour of Halfdan's ABC or all of Viborg Production School's Medieval activities. Hvolris Iron Age Village is also present with their blacksmithing and Iron Age activities both for Family Day and on weekdays, as well as the Viborg Cultural School drama team performing their "Emil from Lønneberg" play. Also Circus Charlie and Trut and Lut are almost permanent residents in the area from Sunday to Thursday.

A very special feature on Sunday is the opening of Saints and Town Gates, Århus 2017´s children's culture project with a visit from Baltic children, who will build city gates.

Family Day starts at 1pm with an opening stage show, and then all the activities run until 4pm.

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Family Day is part of Snapsting for Children - European Playground, and is a co-creation of Viborg Libraries, Kulturprinsen and Kulturskolen Viborg.