For the next two years, school children in five European countries will work with teachers and artists to develop new, creative ways of working with sustainable development in the classroom. Kulturprinsen has received €2 million from the Erasmus+ grant to build on years of experience with European projects.

We live in a changing world with global challenges such as pandemics, climate crisis, global unrest and rising inequality. This can create anxiety among children and young people, but also the opportunity to ignite creative minds to generate new ideas and hope for a more sustainable future for the whole planet.

Some of the burning questions are therefore, among others, how do we involve the new and future global generations in solving the planet's challenges? How can we support the imagination, dreams and creativity of children and young people? And how do we give them hope, commitment and a belief that we each make a difference, especially when we stand together across generations and nations?

These are some of the questions that have kick-started Shaping Patterns, in which Kulturprinsen has joined forces with five European partners to explore the role and importance of arts and culture in sustainable development education.


The aim of Shaping Patterns is, among other things, to:

  • to strengthen interdisciplinary exchange of experience and cooperation between primary schools and artists/cultural institutions and to create new, versatile and creative ways of working with education for sustainable development.
  • create ways to strengthen children's critical thinking, imagination and motivation to experiment with, reflect on and express ideas about the world and the future and to raise children's awareness and knowledge about sustainability and the fight against climate change.


Shaping Patterns is a collaboration between:

  • Kulturprinsen (DK) (project owner)
  • The Arts (DK)
  • Villa Zebra (NL)
  • Sideviews (DE)
  • Yellow Brick (GR)
  • Plato (CZ)


The project is supported by:

Erasmus+ with 2 million DKK


Project period:

01.11.22 - 01.11.24