With a grant of DKK 2 million from the Danish Ministry of Culture in 2023, Kulturprinsen - Udviklingscenter for Børne- og Ungekultur, Viborg, will now be able to expand its work to give children in daycare centres and schools across the country equal access to involvement and participation in art and culture.

The Ministry of Culture has today announced that a broad majority in the Danish Parliament has agreed on the distribution of more than DKK 300 million for cultural initiatives across the country, and Kulturprinsen in Viborg is on the list of recipients.

In today's press release from the Ministry of Culture says Social Democrat culture spokesman Mogens Jensen, among other things:
- I am particularly pleased with the important and strong focus on children and young people's encounter with culture. With funding for, among other things, the House Artist Scheme and for Kulturprinsens's important work to become a national knowledge centre to ensure that all children and young people have the right to encounter art and culture in their everyday lives.

Today's news is of course particularly pleasing to Kulturprinsens Centre Manager, Ulla Voss Gjesing, who says

- For the past 20 years, Kulturprinsen has gathered and disseminated knowledge and experience with children's cultural practice in the intersection between artists and cultural institutions, children, teachers and pedagogues in day care centres, after-school centres and schools. Research is linked to many of the projects, and there is a tradition of strong collaborations with teacher and pedagogue education programmes. This entire children's cultural practice is now being strengthened, and we look forward to translating the money into concrete projects that make a difference in the everyday lives of children and young people.