PHOTO: Gorm Branderup, Beard and Ballad/European Cultural Region.
BUM - Network for Children and Youth and the project "Northern Lights - Children and Youth Culture with World Goals" are among the recipients of the cultural development funds. The project builds on "Songs for the World" by BUM and Kulturprinsen, which created seven new community songs based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The songs were performed by children's choirs accompanied by the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra at a series of concerts in different locations in the region during the European Region of Culture's festival GENOPDAG from 1-16 June 2019.


Region Midtjylland has just granted a total of DKK 4.18 million for seven cultural projects. BUM and Kulturprinsen are behind the Nordlys project, in which children and young people throughout the region dance and sing their way to increased awareness of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Is the earth drowning in plastic? What's it like to grow up without a home? And what can one child do to fix the climate change they hear about every day in the media? These are some of the questions that children and young people in central Jutland can dance, sing and fantasise their way to a deeper understanding of in 2020.

BUM - Network for Child and Youth Culture in the Central Jutland Region and Kulturprinsen - Development Centre for Child and Youth Culture has just received 835.000 kroner for the project Northern Lights from the regional cultural development funds. In the project, which combines children's and youth culture with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, children and young people in grades 4-10 will interpret and process selected Sustainable Development Goals through music, theatre, video and nature experiences, among other things.


Cultural project gives children and young people hope and ideas for a more sustainable future

The BUM network and Kulturprinsen are delighted with the allocation of funds, which will give even more children the opportunity to work with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals in creative and interdisciplinary workshops with artists, cultural mediators and nature guides, among others.

- Children and young people are confronted daily with a lot of information about climate change, overconsumption and sustainability, which can often be difficult and inaccessible material. With Northern Lights, we bring the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life and give children across the region the opportunity to engage with the global challenges we face. It sparks thoughts and gives hope and ideas on how we can work together to create a more sustainable future for all people," says Ulla Voss Gjesing, Chair of the BUM Board and Centre Director at Kulturprinsen.

Through the new joint children's culture project, BUM and Kulturprinsen can build on and further develop the successful collaborations already created through Wishing Land (2017) and Songs for the World (2019) in 2020. Nordlys thus strengthens many existing networks and provides new experiences of community across the region.


Millions for culture, experiences and collaborations across the region

The Regional Council has allocated a total of DKK 4.18 million from the pool of regional cultural development funds to seven projects that strengthen cultural life and create new experiences across the entire region. The beneficiaries are three regional cultural networks, innovative museum presentation with sound images, a visual talent festival for young people, an international conference for cultural centres and an experimental institute for food art. The projects have been selected because they contribute to skills development, innovation and cooperation in the cultural life of central Jutland.

- We see lots of new examples of innovative cultural projects that create collaborations across both geography and art forms in Central Jutland. As a region, we want to play our part in encouraging this development, and it will be exciting to follow the seven projects that are now receiving funding," says Anders Kühnau (S), chairman of the regional council, in a press release from Region Midtjylland.





  • Northern Lights will create new communities and share experiences, knowledge, insights and expressions, as well as provide hope and new opportunities for students in Years 4-10. Grade.
  • The 17 SDGs will be the starting point for Nordlys Workshops, where school classes will interpret and process selected SDGs through aesthetic processes. Pupils will experience new communities through trans-geographical encounters between school classes.
  • In preparation for the Northern Lights Workshops, a series of interdisciplinary professional meetings will be developed between professional artists, nature and cultural educators, teachers, school educators and possibly student teachers. The municipalities' cultural, nature and school consultants share experiences from previous projects and exchange ideas for new concepts. Together, new ways of understanding and disseminating work with art, culture, nature and the SDGs are created.
  • In autumn 2020, the programme will be tested with school classes and a final BUM conference will be held.
  • The project will set up application groups seeking Danish, Nordic and possibly EU funds for the main project in phase 3: 2021/2022.
  • The project builds on "Songs for the World" by BUM and Kulturprinsen, which created seven new community songs based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The songs were performed by children's choirs accompanied by the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra at a series of concerts in different locations in the region during the European Region of Culture's festival GENOPDAG from 1-16 June 2019.



  • BUM coordinates and facilitates cultural initiatives within the target group 0-18 years and the adults working with the professional art/cultural mediation as well as within the regional focus areas: school and youth area, interdisciplinary projects, competence/talent development and pre-school area
  • BUM supports the formation of children and young people - the long-term culture and to continuously strengthen and further develop cooperation across the Central Denmark Region.
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  • Kulturprinsen is a development centre for child and youth culture, which creates projects, builds interdisciplinary partnerships, networks and communities in Denmark and abroad.
  • Based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Kulturprinsen works to ensure the right of all children to encounter art and culture in their everyday lives.
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  • There have been two rounds of applications for regional cultural development funding in 2019.
  • 13 projects received funding totalling around DKK 4.4 million in the first round of applications in March 2019.
  • The total budget for cultural development is DKK 10.7 million per year. In addition to the cultural development funds, the pool is used to finance the European Region of Culture and the international initiative Pathway to Europe.
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  • Read more about European Region of Culture at<>.
  • Find the full project descriptions and funding amounts etc. as part of the Regional Council agenda item:øntningafkulturudviklingsmidler-efterår2019



  • Chairman of the Board of BUM and Head of Centre at Kulturprinsen, Ulla Voss Gjesing, tel. 21291901 /
  • President of the Regional Council, Anders Kühnau (S), tel. 2360 2768 /
  • Chairman of the Regional Development Committee, Jørgen Nørby (V), tel. 2945 5261 /