Get a free intensive with a professional artist at school, culminating in 'Snapsting for Kids', where students pass on everything they've learned to other children.

In week 25, 'Snapsting for Children' is traditionally held at Borgvold, where schools and day-care centres can sign up for a wide range of workshops with many different artists. Schools can now book a free session with an artist at school as a prelude to 'Snapsting for Children'. The programme concludes with 'Snapsting for Kids', where your children will share what they have learned and experienced with other children at Borgvold.

The concept was first tested in 2016 and was a huge success. Teachers and artists found that students took great responsibility, were very independent and grew day by day with the task. Also, the pupils' own reflection on the artistic practice was considerably strengthened through the dissemination to other children. Read more about the 2016 Artist Assistant project on the Kulturprinsens website here.

There are 7 programmes to choose from, based on dance, theatre, visual arts, music, installation, performance and animation. All courses can be adapted to any subject, in collaboration with the teacher.

Read a description of aAll courses here - Artist Assistants_Snapsting for children 2017 including an overall timetable for the project.

The material can also be downloaded from KLC-Viborg here.

Deadline for registration: Wednesday 22 March to

If you want to see more from our fantastic weeks at Borgvold in connection with Snapsting for Children, you can follow our YouTube channel here.