Prinsen kindergarten, Viborg.

- Developing a magical space based on children's stories and experiences
- To follow and study children's own communication and transmission of stories to other children over a longer period (2-3 years)
- To develop new aspects of collaboration between artists and educators by exploring the intersection between the work of the artist and the educator
- Creating opportunities for sensory and scenographic work in day care centres
- Finding elements for a new training for educators

Project description
The kindergarten provides an indoor space that is used exclusively for the project.
The two artists visit the kindergarten frequently and play and tell stories with the children. Together with a regular educator from the nursery, the artists take the children on object discovery tours and have drawing and storytelling days in the nursery.
The basic idea of narrative, play and space is developed in dialogue with the children. Artists and educator(s) get close to the children, their universe and their way of building a story. A kind of greenhouse for stories and ideas is created.
Based on the games and stories and with selected characters and props that have emerged and animated, the space is built by Sara and Thomas. It is the children's stories that are staged and that are lifted up in a professional staging. The stories become a concrete and magical set with sounds, smells and lights. A magical space is thus given back to the children.
The children eventually take ownership and further development. After the development phase, the kindergarten has a special room which is used by the oldest children in the kindergarten. The artists will return during this period to monitor and, if necessary, help adjust the layout and rules of use. This is done in collaboration with the educators, who are in daily dialogue with the children.
The children's activities in space are observed and documented by Herdis Toft, associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark.
In late spring 08 there has been a handover of the space to the next school group. They have then taken over the space and the stories and developed them further.

Peter Sabroe Seminar, Via University College, Carte Blanche, Børnehaven Prinsen and Kulturprinsen

Target group
The oldest children in the Kindergarten

Follow-up research
University of Southern Denmark by Associate Professor Herdis Toft