Ducklings is a (school) children's project to be held in connection with Snapting for Children 2018. The project runs parallel to the art exhibition "Duck Residence", which takes place on the Viborg lakes. The theme of the project is Residens, which means residence or dwelling. The children will try to build "Duck Residences", which will be launched.

We start by talking about and exploring what it means to belong? What it means to have a home? How do they live themselves, everyday and holidays, people and animals, Denmark and abroad? Have they tried moving - what makes people move?

The children have to build duck houses out of empty milk cartons. These little houses will then be launched, as an addition to the "Duck Residence" exhibition. Milk cartons have similarities with bricks and blocks in Minecraft, the game that all children know. However, milk cartons are more accessible. They learn about sustainability by using milk cartons, which thereby get extra "life" by having a use more than being a milk container.