Snapsting for Children

Borgvold, 22-28 June 2015


WHAT is Snapsting?

A few hundred years ago, Viborg was Denmark's annual centre for trade, knowledge exchange, cultural interaction and political debate. It was a money market where all trade in land and property in Jutland was concluded; a news exchange where politics was debated, knowledge was disseminated and rumours spread; and a place full of culture, entertainment and folk life. A tradition that Viborg has recreated on modern terms. Snapsting 2015 will be a place where people meet, where they talk and create community, where they party, and where politics and culture are discussed. It is a place where you not only experience culture as a spectator, but also become a co-creator of it through your active participation.


WHAT is Snapsting for Children at Borgvold?

A lot of creative activities for children will gather at Borgvold throughout week 26. Snapting for Children will be a big playground with music, activities and workshops based on children's play, games and mutual learning. We will help each other put the history of Snapsting and Viborg into a children's perspective - recreating the fun and market atmosphere of the past in a new setting.


Our dream is that through Snapsting for Children, children from all over Viborg Municipality become aware of and proud of our own city and region's history. Again this year, the day will start with sing-alongs from the stage of Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and then you can sign up for a number of free workshops - in music, storytelling, animation, visual arts and much more. There will be activities for all age groups, from the very youngest nursery and day-care children to kindergarten, primary and middle school.


New this year, the party continues for families after the institutions have gone home. From Monday to Thursday, there will be lots of fun and entertainment until 8pm - pass the word to all parents!


On behalf of the children's culture in Viborg, we hope to see a lot of children and adults in week 26 at Borgvold!




Target group 0 - approx. 12 years

Nurseries, day-care centres, kindergartens, schools, SFO, clubs, parents, grandparents and associations.



Schools and institutions can get transport costs covered by Viborg Municipality's 'transport pool'.

Read about the guidelines for the pool here:,-unge-og-familie/Skoler/Koersel-med-elever/Tilskud-til-transport




Week 26 - Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June 2014


Monday 22 June - Thursday 25 June:

Between 9 am and 3 pm:

Kindergartens, schools, SFO and Club (3-12 years)


Between 15:00 and 20:00:

Parents/grandparents with children, SFO, Clubs and associations.


Friday 26 June:

Between 9 am and 1 pm:

Day-care centres, parents and

grandparents with children (0-3 years)


Saturday 27 June:

For the whole family.

Children who have participated in workshops with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra during the week will take part in the big concert at the Cathedral Square on Saturday at 2 pm.

On Saturday there will also be a buy-sell day and a big and festive parade through the city centre.



Borgvold, Randersvej, 8800 Viborg

It's free to join!

Registration for schools and groups is required.

(More info later)




Programme and registration for Snapsting for Children will come to you later this spring! But we can reveal that you can look forward to joining in the morning singing and movement in preparation for the concert with DR's Nerds Anders & Katrine on Saturday, there will be a series of creative workshops, QR code races, music activities, open stage, film and animation, goofing off and acrobatics!



Snapsting, Viborg Municipality

Project management team: Kulturprinsen and Viborg Libraries, Team Children

Actors: a number of artists, the Children's Cultural Council, the Children's Library, Viborg Culture School, Viborg Art Gallery, Hvolris Iron Age Village, VIA ... and many more are just around the corner.


If you have any questions, comments or need information, please contact

Karina Nordtorp




Anne-Mette Myrhøj

Viborg Libraries, children's team