Kulturprinsen is co-organizer of Viborg Festival 2013

Below you can read more about the events we are the main organiser of:

So sing!

- a music project for 0-16 year olds based on community singing

During Viborg Festuge 2013, Så syng da! invites citizens of all ages to sing together.


Monday 16 September 2013 8.30-9.00
So sing with Mayor Søren Pape, Viborg City Hall, Prinsens allé 5, 8800 Viborg


Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 9.00-9.30
Then sing with the President of Region Midtjylland Bent Hansen, Regionshuset, Skottenborg 26, 8800 Viborg


Wednesday 18 September 2013, 9.00-9.30
So sing along with the regional hospital's chief midwife Karen Marie Nielsen, Children's Department, Regionshospitalet Viborg, Heibergs Allé 4, 8800 Viborg


Thursday, 19 September 2013, 9.00-9.30
Then sing with campus leader Kirsten Bjerg, VIA University College, Prinsens Alle 2, 8800 Viborg


Friday 20 September 2013 9.00-9.30
Then sing with Bishop Karsten Nissen, Viborg Cathedral, Sct. Mogens Gade 4, 8800 Viborg


The aim of the project is to spread the desire to sing together regularly across age, cultural background, geographical area, school types and learning milestones by reintroducing community singing, but in a modernised form. The core of the project is that day-care centres and primary schools in subscription are offered a material in the form of a number of song texts, associated sheet music and recorded music on a platform to which everyone has access and can set up material themselves according to the Wikipedia model for use in singing together as well as other subjects or themes. An essential part of the project is regular singing days in the individual institutions and schools, where everyone in the subscription meets to sing together.

So sing! project ensures that children learn a wide range of songs that they would not learn with the current emphasis on music in both the 0-6 age range and in primary school. At least as importantly, the project will provide them with a wealth of shared cultural material in the form of lyrics and life stories found in both older and younger Danish songs, as well as songs from other countries and cultures.


SKROT fixed


The end of Viborg Festival 2013 is marked with a huge scrap party.


Viborg Music School gets the party started with a scrap orchestra. They play on bicycle wheels, bottles, pipes and other materials from Reva's recycling station, which they have turned into instruments. The party continues with a concert by the musical performance group "trash.dk". The three percussionists put on a fantastic performance show, conjuring up rousing rhythms on the oddest things. Throughout the afternoon you can experience the Brænderigårdens exhibition with works by Sahab Koanda and Xavier Sayago from Burkina Faso as well as works created by 4th-6th grade students from all over Viborg Municipality and young people from Mercantec, who have worked with scrap sculptures under the expert guidance of artists Susanne Ahrenkiel, Karin Olesen, Sahab Koanda and Xavier Sayago. Karin Olesen has arranged the results in a total installation in a yurt - a large Mongolian nomad tent. The young dancers from the Koombi centre in Burkina Faso round off the party by playing and dancing the bumpy, the crooked, the broken and the bent.

In the weeks leading up to Viborg Festival 2013, students from Mercantec and primary schools work with scrap in collaboration with the artists who are part of the above SKROT festival.

The scrap project is supported by CKU


Thousand legs - to walk on!

- in Viborg Festival

Come and see how the artists and children from local day care centres have interpreted art and culture through the Kulturprinsens Thousand Legs project. The Thousand Legs Project has worked with the children for 5 weeks on art and how to experience and develop art on multiple levels.


Monday 16 September, 16:00/16:45 - Free
Children's house sct. George, Ringvej 14, Kølvrå, 7470 Karup J

Tuesday 17 September, 16:15/17:15 - Free
Gudenåhuset, Realskolevej 12, 8850 Bjerringbro
Wednesday 18 September, 17:00/18:00 - Free
Frederiksskole, Skolen 3, 7470 Karup
Friday 20 September, 14:00/15:00 - Free
Gudenåhuset, Realskolevej 12, 8850 Bjerringbro