Kulturprinsen is the organiser of the Children's Culture Relay.

Communications Officer
Karoline B. Rasmussen
Tel. 51 92 40 61

Registration for the Children's Culture Relay is open to all, as long as space is available.

Children's Culture Relay

With the Children's Culture Relay, Kulturprinsen put the spotlight on children and youth culture. The relay was created during the corona epidemic, as an initiative to keep alive the important discussions around children's culture. We regularly invite two voices in the field of child and youth culture to contribute with an online presentation based on a question. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for questions and dialogue with the participants, so you can follow and participate in the debate at home, at your screen.

The two presenters will each pass the baton to a new voice who they would like to answer a question at the next Children's Culture Relay.

The event takes place online via Microsoft Teams. Participation is free, but registration is required. You will receive a link to join the day before the event.

We are working on planning the next Children's Culture Relay

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Previously held

Below you will find recordings of and references to previous events in the Children's Culture Relay.

05. May 2022 

Kit Nørgaard - teacher and play consultant

How can we strengthen play culture and real playfulness in day care?

Thea Kulavig - playwright and artistic director of Zangenbergs Teater

This autumn, Danish theatre celebrates its 300th anniversary. Why is theatre still an important art form and how do you create contemporary theatre for children and young people?

28 September 2021, 14-16

Karen Siercke - MA in Literary Communication, writer and social entrepreneur and networker:

"We know that every art form offers something special to children and adults. What is it that literature can and does offer to children and young people?"

Esben Wilstrup - psychologist, teacher and consultant:

"How can play constitute a fundamental learning potential in schools? What does it take in practice to implement play so that it does not just occur as a break activity?"

28 September 2021, 14-16

Susanne Storm - Actress & cand.pæd.pæd.psyk.:

What are the learning, development and educational potentials of working with drama, theatre and other aesthetic practices in schools - and if drama is so good, why is it so undervalued in schools?

Hanne Kusk - LegeKunst researcher at Aarhus University:

How can we create a balance between pedagogy and art - and which concepts can we use to invite children into the processes?