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In 2017 we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation
On 1 March, Viborg was the only Danish city to be visited by the 'European Reformation Relay', and for the occasion the Cathedral Square was transformed into a marketplace buzzing with life and activities for children of all ages. Kulturprinsen is so happy for all the children who showed up with beautiful ceramic roses and oak leaves for the oak tree sport - We had a great day and say thank you to all the children for their great contribution!

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Would you like to join us?
It was such a success that we have decided to put up the oak gate again for 'Snapsting for Kids' in week 25 - so you still have the opportunity to join the 'Luther Roses and Oaks Wish' project and contribute to the decoration of the 4 metre high oak gate.

Read more about the project at KLC here.

Inspirational material
In connection with the project, Kulturprinsen developed an inspirational material where children aged 3-9 could learn about Martin Luther and symbols. You still have the possibility to download the inspirational material here and see instructional videos here.

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