On 31 October, the Cathedral Square will be buzzing with life and activities in connection with the great Reformation celebrations.

In this context, Kulturprinsen has participated in the development of several different offers for schools and day care centres:

Viborg Wakes:

Inspired by the process of change that Martin Luther helped to create 500 years ago, all children in middle school are invited to formulate and communicate a wish for change in the world, so that children, young people and the elderly in Viborg and the world wake up to the children's wishes for the future.

The project offers both short and long class sessions, with the possibility of a workshop with artist Susanne Ahrenkiel or your own local event. Just sign up for the activities that fit into your time. Common to all is that you will work with Luther, the Theses and the Band Noise in a lesson that builds on the same basic idea: What can articulating and communicating a desire for change mean for the child's world?

All classes are invited to participate at Domkirkepladsen in Viborg on 31/10. Here you will hang your theses, thesis sculptures and burn your banns, as Martin Luther did. The number of participants is limited, so it's first come first served!!

Registration deadline is 19/9.

Contact Gitte Thorsøe: gtb@km.dk. You will then receive a registration form so that you can register your class for the course you want.

Remember that you must register for 'Viborg Vågner', regardless of which programme you choose.

You can download the educational material for Viborg Vågner here.


Luther Roses and Oaks Wishes:

On 1 March, the Reformation celebrations in Viborg got underway. 500 children had signed up for the 'Luther Roses and Oak Wishes' project and contributed to the decoration of a 4 metre high oak gate. It was a huge success, so we're doing it again!

You have the opportunity to participate in the Reformation project 'Luther Roses and Oak Wishes', where children aged 3-13 contribute to the decoration of a 4 metre high oak gate. The idea is that each child makes a rose or oak leaf in ceramic and embosses them with their own personal symbol. The leaves and flowers are placed on a large oak gate, which becomes a landmark of the Reformation and a spectacular image of children's diverse and individual artistic creation. As well as handing in their ceramic roses and oak leaves in the Cathedral Square on 31 October, the children are also invited to join in the morning singing in the Cathedral at 9am.

Would you like to join the Reformation project and contribute ceramic roses and oak leaves for the oak gate and morning singing in the Cathedral on 31/10 at 9.00?

The registration deadline is Sept. 19.

Registration to Gitte Thorsøe: gtb@km.dk

Teacher workshop:

There is also the opportunity to participate in a 2-hour teacher workshop with artist Susanne Ahrenkiel and learn how to shape Luther roses and oak leaves in ceramics. Please indicate when registering if you would like to attend the workshop, which will be held on 21/9.

Registration for the teacher workshop on 21.9. to bettina.kulturprinsen@gmail.com by 15/9.


Read more about the project at KLCViborg.dk, where you can download inspirational material, find links to registration

Watch the inspiration video from the Reformation celebration on 1.3.2017 here: