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Project description
The project brings together a music school symphony orchestra and a choir with a group of dancers and musicians from Burkina Faso. The aim is to create an artistic experience that breaks musical and geographical boundaries. 16 children from the Centre Culturel Koombi children's and youth cultural centre in Burkina Faso, together with their 6 professional performers, will engage in an artistic collaboration with at least 100 talented music school students to create a brand new world music theatre work. The work will be created online and will be a mix of classical European and rhythmic African music, songs and stories, dance routines and beautiful costumes.

The Danish children in the orchestra and choir come from the music schools in Århus, Viborg, Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Horsens. Also participating as soloists are MGK students from Nordvestjysk Talentcenter in Holstebro and MGK students from Århus. In addition, SFO pupils from Struer will be involved in the VERDI project in spring 2011.

From Burkina Faso, the children and youth cultural centre Centre Culturel Koombi will participate with 16 children and young people aged 10 - 16 years plus the 6 artists: KPG (artistic director, actor and storyteller), Drissa Gnissien (dancer and choreographer, teacher), Wilfried Hien (djimba player and teacher), Muctard (percussionist and teacher), Richard Kientega (percussion) and Charles Panimdi Kientega (percussion).

Composer and conductor: Jakob Høgsbro

Choir leaders: Bjørg Lindvang and Rie Larsen

Beginning of September 2011

The project is supported by Region Midtjylland/Regional Development, CKU/DCCD plus the participating schools

Contact person
Head of Development Claus Reiche

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