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The gravel pit in week 24

The Gravel Pit Project is a development project that focuses on bridging the gap between day care centres and schools through creative processes and good encounters between children, parents, educators, teachers and artists. Through joint learning methods and training of staff and artists, the project aims to prepare children's transition to school and create trust and security. The Gravel Pit project will strengthen, challenge and enable new relationships and lasting changes in the everyday lives of both children and adults in the interdisciplinary meeting between day-care centres and schools.

The project will take place in the gravel pit behind Søndre Skole in Viborg in week 24 and there will be creative sessions with dance, music, song and storytelling during the first weeks. The activities will take place at The Valley Day Care Centre, Teglgården Children's Home and South Schoolparticipating in the project.



Additional material

Download AL model here

Read more about the artists and the idea behind the Gravel Pit project here:

See more films and photos at: European Children of Culture or Kulturprinsens YouTube channel.

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