Through the children's encounter in a theatre project with the English group Scarabeus, we will try to develop the imagination of the participating children and give them more self-confidence and team spirit.

Project description
During a week-long workshop, children from two classes will have the opportunity to try out different techniques for making figures hanging from linen under the ceiling. As a prelude there will be a joint warm-up, which develops a team spirit. There will also be the opportunity to hang in cocoons, made of fabric. During the week, performers will develop a simple choreography for each group, which will eventually be woven together in a communal performance with lights and music. However, particular attention will be paid to the process itself.
The project is a pilot project, which points towards a larger project in 2011.

Teacher workshop
The week starts with a teacher workshop for the participating teachers. Teachers will have the opportunity to try out the same exercises as the children. This also gives them the opportunity to gain insight into the sequence, structure and idea behind the exercises.

Target group
Students from 4/5 grade

Participants in the project
Pupils and teachers from Finderuphøj School in Viborg

Scarabeus is a well-established, exciting theatre company based in London, working primarily with its own aesthetic site-specific performances around the world. Their `stage` is various exciting locations and buildings where acrobatic performances unfold as performers hang from lines between heaven and earth.
In addition, they work with school projects and workshops with children of different ages.