Project purpose:

'Saints & Town Gates' is a project that will develop an internal learning template and concrete inspirational material for visual and cultural schools working with 4-12 year olds, focusing on a sensory-based, process-oriented and artistic approach in workshops based on the youngest children. Work is done in an everyday familiarity with art and culture, which will help to equip children to deal with life's changes and challenges. The learning template is disseminated through networks to a wide range of stakeholders across Europe.

The project focuses on exchanges between institutions from Nordic and Baltic countries, which will help broaden children's horizons in relation to the countries' cultural heritage and history. The exchanges will help to strengthen Nordic/Baltic cohesion, the experience of art and culture as communal, and promote a shared knowledge and experience among teachers, educators and artists.

The project will prioritise the Nordic/Baltic network and build a community between children and adults across national borders.


Activities related to the project: 'Saints & Town Gates' 2016

19-26 June 2016: Snapsting for Children at Borgvold

Image and Culture School students and teachers from Riga and Denmark will meet in an exchange stay and participate in a workshop at Borgvold in connection with 'Snapsting for Children'. The Danish children, together with their parents, will prepare to host the visitors from Riga, and together they will participate in the workshop at Borgvold, where they will recreate Viborg's old city gates together. In addition to the city gates, the children will also work with other art forms such as music, dance, storytelling and drama around the city gates, based among other things on the stories from their own local areas. These stories will evolve during the week and become performance pieces that will be included in the final Snapparade on Saturday.


The project 'Saints & Town Gates' is based on Europe's Reformation and Viborg's five medieval town gates, where Kulturskolen Viborg and the co-creating partners from the Nordic countries reinterpret and rebuild the town gates. The recreated city gates will be built in the park 'Borgvold'.

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