Songs for the World is a further development of the inspiring collaborations achieved in the Wishland for the Children's Opening of Aarhus 2017.

Interview with Ulla Voss Gjesing, Centre Manager at Kulturprinsen, broadcast on Silkeborg Regional TV, July 2019


Young people write songs for the world
Songs for the World is a regional project in Region Midtjylland, based on seven new songs written by young MGK students from MGK Øst and MGK Midt-Vest against the background of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Songs for the World aims to bring the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to life for children and help inspire hope for a brighter future. The seven newly composed songs create a series of sensual, emotional and concrete images of some of the 17 SDGs that children can sing along to and relate to their own lives.


Workshops with World Goals
The songs also form the basis for Workshops with World Goals, where children and young people during the spring of 2019 relate to the SDGs and express themselves through artistic and creative workshops and local events throughout the Central Denmark Region.


Teaching material for day care and school
Kulturprinsen has developed an inspiration catalogue with lyrics, music and ideas for Workshops with SDGs, invites to workshops for teachers and educators and also offers local sparring in relation to aesthetic learning processes.

With our courses and materials, we want to inspire everyone to engage in creative workshops with children and create encounters between local cultural actors. The inspiration will engage children and adults and allow for children's own expressions and ideas to come into play.

You can view and download inspirational material here.


European Cultural Region Festival Weeks 2019: RENEWAL
Songs for the World culminates with events and concerts in connection with the GENOPDAG festival in week 23/24, where you can experience concerts with the partner Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, who together with the region's children will perform the songs, while the children's expressions from Workshops with World Goals part of the experience.


Behind the project
Bag Songs for the World Kulturprinsen is the project owner, BUM - Network for Children and Youth Culture in Region Midtjylland and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

The project has been developed with financial support from the Aarhus 2017 Foundation and Region Midtjylland.

Thanks to MGK Midt-Vest and MGK Øst for their contribution to the realisation of the songwriters' works.

Free courses
As part of Songs for the World, Kulturprinsen offers a series of free courses around the region for teachers, educators, cultural mediators, cultural school teachers and others who will work with the songs and creative Workshops with World Goals in schools, kindergartens, etc.

Read more about the courses here.


Find more information here 

At www.bumkultur/songs-for-the-world you can read more about the project and download inspirational material.

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