National assignment: "Interdisciplinary experimentarium for communication with children and young people" (colloquially called TEx)

The Interdisciplinary Experimentarium (TEx) is a 3-year development project initiated by Kulturprinsen, supported by Kulturregion Østjysk Vækstbånd and the Ministry of Culture. TEx aims to make children and young people visible actors in cultural institutions, strengthen the quality of existing cultural offerings and create interdisciplinary dialogue between institutions in the cultural region. The TEx project has tried to create a good framework for the open exploration and development of innovative dissemination projects for children and young people. Through a "Project Development Programme" (the so-called "PUF meetings"), cultural mediators from Horsens, Silkeborg, Randers and Viborg have gained new knowledge and an expanded network over a period of one year, and have finally come together in project groups across institutional, professional and municipal boundaries. In December 2010, four of the projects thus developed were awarded funding from a separate TEx grant to implement the project either in its entirety or as a pilot project. The development and implementation of the various exhibitions, performances, workshops and tools is now in full swing and will be finalised during 2011. Kulturprinsen will finally collect and disseminate the lessons learned. The consultancy Manto and the Children's Culture Network are evaluating the process.

Video: young people from Viborg go with Kulturprinsens center manager Ulla Voss Gjesing to Christiansborg to deliver the TEx publication to the current Minister of Culture Uffe Elbæk.

Target group

Children and young people in the region, as well as professional providers of arts and culture to children and young people in the municipality's arts and cultural institutions.


The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Region of East Jutland


Participating institutions in TEx

Divided into municipalities

School of Fine Arts in Horsens
Horsens Municipality, Culture and Staff
Horsens Museum
Horsens Municipality Libraries
Horsens Art Museum
Denmark's Industrial Museum

Randers Rainforest
Randers Cultural History Museum
GAIA Museum of Outsider Art
Randers Library
Culture and Leisure Department, Randers Municipality

Performers House
Silkeborg Art Museum
Children's culture Silkeborg Municipality
Art buses
The Creative School
Silkeborg Youth School
Silkeborg Libraries

Music school in Viborg
Carte Blanche Theatre
The Skovgaard Museum
Animation Workshop
Viborg Abbey Museum
The Elm Museum
Viborg Municipality