Borgvold will be buzzing again this year with playing and learning children from 20 - 25 June 2016when the old park is transformed into an eldorado of activities for children, institutions, schools and families.

The programme is published 9 May at and from 16 May you can register for some of the many exciting workshops on a first-come, first-served basis. All workshops are free to attend.

Remember the transport scheme from B&U that can pay for your bus ride! TRANSPORT ALLOWANCE

Download weekly plan here

Monday to Thursday, 20-23 June
9-14: workshops with registration for schools, SFOs and kindergartens. There will also be activities on site that do not require prior registration.

Monday to Wednesday, 20-22 June
2pm-7pm: city clubs take over the park with lots of activities for SFOs, clubs and families.

Thursday 23 June
At 15:00 there is St. Hans for children and their families.

Friday 24 June
9-12: Stumbling Day for the very young (0-3 years). There are both workshops with registration and activities that do not require prior registration. Both institutions and private individuals are welcome.

From 13-19 there is the Big Play Day with a wide range of fun activities for the whole family - and clubs and SFOs of course also welcome!

Saturday 25 June
10.30 (Vægtertorvet): the Kulturskolens giant Snap Parade around the city. Everyone is welcome to join!

14.00 (Domkirkepld.): family concert with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Sigurd Barrett

Who is behind

Snapsting for Children is a collaboration between Kulturprinsen, Kulturskolen and Viborg Libraries, with participation and support from a number of the municipality's other cultural institutions and learning institutions such as Naturskolen, Energimuseet, Viborg Kunsthal, Hvolris Jernalderlandsby, VIA University, Produktionsskolen, Animationsskolen and Asmild Landbrugsskole.

We hope to see you at Borgvold in week 25!