Henriette Blomgren has been following the Kulturprinsens project, European Cultural Children. And this has now resulted in the PhD project "Aesthetic processes in day care institutions - action research inspired project where educators and artists collaborate".

The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southern Denmark has accepted the thesis and invites to a PhD defence:

4 April 2019 at 13.15 in U47, Odense

Meeting leader:

Deputy Head of Institute Lars Handesten


Evaluation Committee:

Associate Professor Karin Esmann Knudsen (Chair), Department of Cultural Studies, SDU

Associate Professor Kim Rasmussen, Roskilde University

Professor Jorunn Spord Borgen, Norwegian School of Sport



Lecturer Herdis Toft


After the defence, the Department of Cultural Studies will host a small reception in Comenius


All interested are welcome