Snapsting for Children - European Playground traditionally ends with a big children's concert in the Cathedral Square. This year you can experience Sigurd Barrett in full swing. He will be bringing the 18-piece Aarhus Jazz Orchestra on stage!

In autumn 2016, Sigurd Barrett premiered his most ambitious project to date: Sigurd tells the history of Denmark. A work that includes books, songs, games, small historical films, teaching materials for schools and much more. Now he is adding a new dimension, because at the concert in Viborg you will have the opportunity for the first time to hear the music of Danish history played by a big band!

'The stories we tell about ourselves define who we are. And at a time when we are bombarded with information, we as a country need more than ever to get our story straight. To understand how our society has evolved and what makes us the people we are today'.

This is the basic premise of Sigurd Barrett's biggest project ever, which he calls Sigurd tells Danish history, and which can now be experienced for the first time with the big band Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.


Free concert - Sigurd tells the history of Denmark & Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
Saturday 24/6 11-12 at the Cathedral Square

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